Labor Disputes Trial Service

Based on enterprise objective, LABOURS performs legal assessment before litigation on cases, forms strategies, organizes and attends the mediation before case-filing on behalf of the enterprise. After case-filing we represent our clients in the whole process of labor dispute arbitration and litigation.

LABOURS is one of the few third-party companies that get the approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to establish the labor dispute mediation and prevention center. We focus on enterprise strategy and business objectives, seizes the opportunity in the mediation phase, with profound legal understanding, excellent communication technology and rich experiences, analyzes the risk and cost of enterprise, provides solutions and performs directly on behalf of the enterprise. Through the process of helping our clients reach mediation agreements with tens of thousands of employees, achieving enterprise objectives and employee satisfaction in a cost-effective way. LABOURS established an independent law firm that only focusing on labor dispute, with professional legal knowledge and rich experience, we help enterprises complete the total management of pre-lawsuit and lawsuit process strategically under the complex labor law environment.

In the past 12 years, our professional lawyer team has provided litigation agent service for a large number of state-owned enterprises, Top 500 foreign enterprises and listed private companies. The rich service experiences make us truly understand the enterprise management requirements rather than limit to labor law analysis, through total management of pre-lawsuit and lawsuit period, we help our clients flexibly adopt Chinese labor law in the rapid changing business environment.


"LABOURS lawyer gave us detailed explanation, analysis and suggestion, reading it, as if we are at the trial. There is no doubt that his careful and thorough preparation before the trial has helped us finally achieve the good results.

-- The world's top five medical companies


"Under the tough environment in Inner Mongolia, your support on this case and for the company’s determination to cope with change and continuous adjustment have played a critical role, headquarters affirmed local management team for its courage of taking the responsibility and its determination to face the challenge, so that we have much stronger confidence to our plans."

-- A fortune 500 FMCG company

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