Special Working Hour Approval and Management

Different cities have different approval requirements, frequently change of examination and approval process, worrying about unmet conditions with regard to government’s listed requirement, lack of experience to communication with local government, employees become indolent after adopting the flexible work hour system……


LABOURS’s solution for Approval and Management of Special Working Hours assist our clients in preparing above mentioned challenges. We analyze positions based on the characteristics declared by the enterprise, compile declaration information based on required materials and communicate with concerned authorities. We also assist enterprises to complete legal procedures based on declaration results and help enterprises design management system matching with the special working hour positions. By doing these we systematically solve the problem of special working hour design and execution making it a meaningful mechanism to promote flexible employment.


The high success rate of approval is not only the result of abundant experience, but is also the result of our in-depth understanding of government approval requirements thus be better prepared in the sense of application materials and most importantly the in-house HR. After the completion of approval we design corresponding work time management rules and regulations to make the entire management system compliant, flexible and cost saving.

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