Annual Legal Consultation

In light of the labor law issues enterprises encounter in their daily labor relations management, we as the external legal consultant provide tailored advisory. Each consulting advisory takes full consideration of the enterprise’s business features, business objectives, and external legal and cultural environment. The annual legal advisory service is aimed to build up a legal, flexible and harmonious workplace for our clients in the long run. The range of advisory services include all labor relation issues related with topics as follows.

(1) Staff Recruitment and Employment Management

(9) Working Hours and Leave

(2) Probation Management

(10) Employee Sick Leave and Medical Care Period

(3) Work Hours System and Overtime Management

(11) Special Protection of Female Employees.

(4) Employee Separation Management

(12) Work Injury Management

(5) Compensation and Welfare Management

(13) Employee Training and Development

(6) Employee Position Change and Salary Change

(14) Non-disclosure and Non-competition

(7) Social Insurance and Housing Fund

(15) Severance, Liquidated Damages, Damages

(8) Labor Contract Signing, Modification, Renewal, Ending

(16) Other Human Resource Management Functions


Customized Daily Legal Consultation(还需编辑)

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