HR Due Diligence of M&A

The Human Resource part of due diligence of any M&A case play a vital role in the success of the M&A, without which the financial benefit could be reduced by any mismatching between two parties in the sense of Human Resource. With our rich experience in Human Capital, we assist our clients in their M&A process by providing wiser reference on reasonable buying cost of M&A and assuring the integration to be effective.


Relying on diversified expert team, LABOURS would investigate and analyze three major legacy issues of the selling company, which help the buy prevent additional cost from information barriers before acquisition. In the process of due diligence, labor relations experts will deliver messages to employees strategically avoiding potential misunderstanding and collective actions. Through detailed analysis of both parties’ regulation system and practice, human resources professionals provide enterprises with deep understanding of cultural compatibility, institutional policy consistency, and management process alignment, achieving effective and successful integration. The labor law lawyers diagnose the state of compliance of human resources management find out any legal risk for purchaser.


With rich local experiences in M&A management in different industries and sectors, we helps our clients explore hidden risks accurately, and guide them execute effective and stable human resource integration actions.

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