Open Course and Workshop

The Labor Relations Management Open Courses and Enterprise Internal Training, is the integrated training solutions developed by LABOURS team. The training courses are aimed to enhance labor law knowledge and risk management skills for in-house HR practitioners and line managers. All courses and trainings materials are developed by our own team with abundant labor relation management skills in the field.


Open Courses

The Labor Relations Management Open Courses is an annual learning program that covers all labor law issues related in the entire employment life cycle, which we recommend in-house HR, particularly freshman in the ER area to enroll in all courses, or they can choose any topics interested in.

The topics of the series course are selected for in-house HR based on the hottest ER topics and must-learn labor law knowledge and skills. It starts all the way from employee recruitment, probation management, to all topics during employee on board, and to employee separation. The courses are practical skills oriented and consist of hundreds of real arbitration case.


Customized in-house Training

Internal Training is customized according to enterprise business need, training need and the status quo of its labor relations management. The aim of internal training is to enhance the advanced labor relations management skills for both HR team and business leaders, thus create synergy between the two parties.

Unlike lecturing format of public course, the internal training is workshop oriented, we believe through the process of exercising, case-studying, group discussion, and role play, the complicated nature of labor relations management can be better experienced and understood. As a result the participants could work out their own way of balancing risk and cost, flexibility and compliant, how to cooperate with HR team and business team.

Each internal training workshop is prepared after having consensus of the training outcomes with the key stakeholders, and it is conducted with our diversified expert team who not only has abundant consulting experience, but is also good at workshop facilitation.

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