Collective Dispute Resolution

In rare circumstance, the relationship between employers and employees could be very strained during organizational change. In solving collective labor relations crisis issues such as mass shutdown, strikes, demonstrations, and mass petition, we assist our clients in building up dialogues and communicate with employees, governments, media and other stakeholders, dissolve crises in prompt manners and minimize negative impacts.


Experienced labor relations experts could pinpoint underlying appeals and opinion leaders immediately, thus predict the tendency of any mass incident effectively and find the keys for issue settlements. Applying a holistic view and three-dimensional thinking in labor relation management, we are able to management collective actions dynamically, strategically and effectively.


For our clients, we coordinate from both internal and external.

Internally, we coordinate different stakeholders and form a temporary but effective fast respond team. The team could be consist of leaders from business units, HR, legal, communication, government relations etc., which is guided by our consultants to act in unified pace and be result-driven.


Externally, we communicate with unions, employees on behalf of our clients. Guided by our own development communication methodology, the communication is aimed to calm employees’ negative mood, dissolve differences, form agreements, and avoid endless negotiation and stalemate. We also assist our clients in reaching consensus on how to resolve issues with local governments. At the same time, we help enterprises develop communication strategies and build contents toward media, thus maintain employer brand and corporate image.


Armed with our own methodologies and communication capability, we not only enable our clients to resume normal operation quickly and reduce cost as much as it could. The need of long-term development and business need for enterprise is also significant, thus the collective actions of employees is solved not by compromising but through mutual understanding and sticking to organization change objectives until realized.


Our communication solutions is developed by our Three Type Experts team, i.e. experts in labor relations management, experts in human resource management and professional labor law lawyer. This portfolio team composition empowers our solution to be able to solve issues by integrating management objectives, legal requirements and corporate culture, while win understanding from various stakeholders.


Typical cases:


A U.S. FMGC company, after acquisition of a famous Chinese enterprise, decided to enact salary system change, leading to 1500 workers going to strike. LABOURS helped the enterprise form cooperation with local government effective and resumed operation within 10 days.


A listed company reformed regional structure, leading to strikes and four factories shutdown as result. LABOURS assisted the factory managers to communicate with workers and all factories resumed production within 1 week.

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