Neo-Organization, Performance and Compensation

In the era of VUCA, the rapid change of business environment and the rise of individual influence, all are affecting the traditional fixed employment mode. Starting from employment mode flexibility and production efficiency, LABOURS innovatively makes use of the labor law to support organizational change, builds up versatile organization and result-oriented compensation system, and optimize performance management process via creative mobile tools. We strive to provide overall solutions for enterprises to increase workforce performance.


Business result-oriented, we introduce diversified employment modes to solve the problem of inflexible employment. Combining the agile performance management process (e.g. OKR) and the legal process of incompetency in Chinese labor law, LABOURS is able to break the rigid KPI concepts, and stimulate individual productivity. At the same time, in facing the ever-increasing trend of labor costs, we innovatively integrate the flexible employment modes with our performance management solutions, thus redefining enterprises’ internal compensation and incentive system to create a more competitive incentive system that is business result-driven. 

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