3D Regulations Improvement

For the purpose of constructing an integrated Human Resource Rules and Regulation System that is legal, flexible, feasible and able to promote harmonious labor relations, we assist our clients in building their HR legal system from three dimensions, i.e. written rules and regulations, management processes and daily management practices. In another word, the HR regulation system for an enterprise, should not only meet the requirement of being compliant, but also need to be able to support for the flexible management needs for most business, and be accepted instead of hated by employees.


In LABOURS, we work in teams that is formed by experts from three fields. The diversified team (Human Resource Management experts, Labor Relations Consultants, Labor Law Lawyers) empowers any regulation system to be compliant, business goal oriented, preventive thinking as a result of plenty labor relation disputes dissolving experience, and as practical and applicable as possible. Meanwhile, with our coaching style of workshop, the regulation is developed to gain understanding and provide useful guidance to front-line leaders, so that the regulation is not only owned and interpreted by HR department. The workshops aim at creating consensus, improve labor relations management skills and synergy creating. Last but not least, our strong communication skills enable our clients to fulfill the stipulated consultation procedure from employees smoothly and complying with corporate culture.


Relying on our excellent project management capability and project management system, we are able to provide solutions in smart and customized manners, thus helping enterprises to build up a legal, fair and healthy workplace via a strong regulation system.

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