• Became the earliest practitioner in labor law consulting industry

    Beijing Labour Consulting Co., Ltd. (LABOURS), formerly known as Labour Consulting Firm established in 1995, is the first organization specializing in legal consulting for labor affairs in China. LABOURS at that time provided consulting in legal matters and other related services for enterprises with foreign investment at the municipal level and above. Affiliated to Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau at one time, we were the earliest practitioner in the fields of China labor relations management and labor law consulting.

  • Created the classic model of basis-procedure communication, realizing flexible use of law

    LABOURS conducted deregulation reform. With the same team, we worked in a different system, assumed a different role, and obtained new vision and new perspective. Our business expanded from labor law consulting to handling of scaled labor relations adjustments and uniquely challenging individual cases in enterprise transformation periods. Based on enterprise management needs and flexible use of Chinese laws, we helped enterprises to achieve their strategic objectives and formed a unique methodology for handling employee labor relations adjustment, which is basis-procedure-communication. From then on, we ushered in a new era.

    Typical Cases:

    -Personnel adjustment after merge of Cheung Kong (Holdings) and Hutchison Whampoa affiliated


    -Communication for separation of Coca-Cola executive;

    -Severance of 396 employees due to the relocation of PHILIPS factory from Beijing to Dongguan;

    -Laying off 1,500 workers of Shanghai Electric;

    -Personnel adjustment due to closure of Hangzhou Pepsi-Cola Beverage Company Ltd.;

    -Labor relations adjustment of 600 employees in 12 cities after BBC's acquisition of Bertelsmann.

  • Launched labor relations management training course tailored for enterprises

    A training team was established for curriculum development and teaching. We began providing open training courses and enterprise internal training on labor relations management for enterprise HR practitioners and those who are in charge of business lines. The courses integrate a great deal of practical cases and are organized according to HR daily operation functions, thus improving the labor relations management skills of HR practitioners and facilitate the synergistic effect of the business line team and HR team. 85% of LABOURS customers have participated in our training course.

  • Established the first law firm specialized in legal representation of labor disputes

    Beijing Labor Law Firm was established. It is one of China’s first law firms specializing in legal assessment and trial of labor disputes. Since the issue of the Labor Law in 1995, the total success rate of enterprises was less than 15%, and the success rate of incompetent employee termination was almost zero. LABOURS selected excellent lawyer partners and established a labor dispute litigation specialized law firm to provide assessment, pre-trial, and trial for employers. 

  • Launched the Three-dimensional Legal Solutions

    As the Labor Contract Law was about to be enacted, the legislative context and social environment were going to enter into a new era for enterprises. Given that, we not only helped enterprises interpret the new Labor Contract Law, but also selected 22 enterprises from six major industries and conducted a systematic analysis from three dimensions: written regulation systems, processes, and management practices. This innovated way of analyzing human resource rules and regulations from three-dimensional broadened the legal interpretation to a three-dimensional implementation of the law.

    Typical cases of three-dimensional legal solution project:










  • Established one of China's first labor dispute prevention and mitigation center

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Hai Dian District licensed LABOURS to establish one of China’s first labor dispute prevention and mitigation centers. We used our experience and methods as a civil mediation organization to practice the concept of broader mediation and extensive prevention and helped more enterprises to build harmonious labor relations. 

  • Launched the Solutions for Alignment and Integration of Human Resource Management Systems and Labor Laws

    We realized that many enterprises shared a common problem the dis-alignment between human resource management systems from oversea head quarter and China’s labor laws and cultural environment. Therefore, we explored the alignment and integration business sector, and set up Beijing Lai bei Management Consulting Co., Ltd. We used ideas and methods of alignment and integration of human resource management systems and labor relations management system to help enterprises establish scientific, compliant and flexible human resource management systems such as performance assessment system, remuneration system, etc. At the same time, we assisted enterprises gain staffs’ understanding and support of the implementation of new system through communication solutions and coaching guidance, thus realizing a harmonious employment relationship.

    Typical cases of alignment and integration solutions

    - Relocation of Infun Cast, and reconstruction of remuneration and performance assessment systems

    - Alignment and integration of CCTV.COM year-end performance assessment and legal articles related to poor performance

    -Communication and implementation of salary reform for a foreign FMCG company in its newly acquired local plant

  • Launched the Flexible Employment Solutions

    We put forward the concept of flexible employment and a series of solutions to solve legal and social environment constraints enterprises encounter daily. Under the premise of legality, from dimensions like flexible application of performance appraisal results, construction of diversified employment forms, dual -regulation mechanism for labor contract and management of special working hours systems, we have helped enterprises to realize cost savings, organizational efficiency improvements and three flexible management objectives (flexible employee entry and departure, flexible remuneration increase and decrease, and flexible employee promotion and demotion). 

  • Put Forward Strategic Labor Relations Management Approach

    With the trend of economic globalization and China’s implementation of 13th Five-Year Plan and supply side reform, change became the new norm in enterprise development. With years of experience and market insight we redefined the labor legal consulting field into strategic labor relations management, which assist enterprises be better prepared of the new norm. The series of strategic labor relations management solutions with big-picture thinking, three-dimensional thinking and strategic significance, adopted on the basis of supporting enterprises’ strategic targets, would become the new and only route for enterprises to cope with future market competition, improve organizational efficiency, reduce costs, and establish harmonious employment relationship.


  • We continually apply enduring methodologies and bring abundant experience to enterprise labor relations management for the 23th consecutive years, helping enterprises in China achieve business objectives while improve employee satisfaction.

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