Beijing Labour Consulting Co., Ltd. (Labours), the former labor consulting firm established in 1995 under the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, is the first organization to specialize in legal consulting for labor affairs in China. Labours specializes in corporate strategic labor relations management. Based on clients’ business strategy and objectives, Labours helps corporations prevent and solve staff relations crises, manage legal risk, while maintain staff satisfaction and corporate image, assisting in achieving strategic objectives.

Labours has profound knowledge of China's labor law situations, as well as social and cultural environment. From the perspectives of employers, employees, the society, the government and medias, and in accordance with its corporate strategic management objectives, Labours provides corporations with professional consulting services on labor relations management and solutions to communication and negotiation for implementation, so as to establish a legal, fair, efficient and healthy employment environment through its advanced methodology, outstanding project management and control abilities and experienced team members.

Labours has provided services for thousands of global enterprises in China with various customized consulting services for strategic labor relations, including Scaled Labor Relations Adjustments caused by enterprise close down/relocation/M&A/redundancy/TUPE/elimination of business line etc., Collective Disputes Resolution, Incompetent Employee Management, 3D Employment Regulation Improvement, Labor Relations Risk Screening, Employees Dismissal Plan Design and Communication Outsourcing, Annual Legal Consultation, Labor Litigation Agency.

In 2009, Labours was in the first batch to be licensed as the "Labor Dispute Prevention and Resolution Center" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China. After over twenty years of dedication to excellence and with the concerted efforts of expert teams in three major fields, Labours has successively been awarded with titles of Excellent Consulting Organization for Labor Laws, the Best Labor Law Consulting and Service Provider in Greater China, Excellent Human Resources Supplier over the past years.



To become China's leading expert in 

strategic labor relations management



Enable business result and enhance 

employee satisfaction



        Prioritize virtue and value morals 

        above all else

        Create values by integrity, expertise 

        and wisdom



Align concepts, tools, and methods of human resource management with China’s labor law develop practical solutions with our rigorous understanding on Chinese culture and expertise on communication we strive to build a harmonious labor relations environment enable business results and enhance employee satisfaction



Labor relations are social relationships formed between employer and employee in the course of employment. Labor relations management does not simply refer to employee relations. Its view far exceeds the legal issues related to contracts signing, modifying, terminating, and ending. In fact, labor relations management requires taking a holistic approach that involves law, social psychology, economy, communication, science of management and so forth to have a thorough understanding.

A series of actions that look at the entire scenario with three-dimensional thinking and strategic significance is adopted on the basis of an enterprise’s strategic goals, which defines strategic labor relations management. The features of strategic labor relations management lie in the fact that labor relations management supports enterprise strategies and business goals as a precondition and requires a comprehensive and deep understanding of the social environment, legal environment and staff characteristics and lastly its strategies rely on effective communication solutions.

As for enterprises, only by adopting a more encompassing outlook and three-dimensional thinking while dealing with labor relations will they avoid a dilemma of no rules to refer to which is caused by inconsistent interpretations in labor laws and policies. The construction of legal, flexible, and harmonious labor relations is a systematic and constant project that requires innovative thinking and is significant for both enterprises and society.

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